Electronic Recycle

Electronic Recycle

Electronic recycle is the solution, save our planet

Our electronic recycle solution has evolved in response to an unprecedented demand for electronic equipment, coupled with the progressively shortened useful life of electronics and the speed at which technology evolves.

E-Waste is an enormous category of items, broadly described as any electronic waste – whether in working condition or not – that is no longer wanted, obsolete, broken or damaged, or have been superseded.

Unlike other office equipment, electronic equipment contains sensitive data: data that companies have legal and ethical requirements to protect. As such, unwanted electronic equipment cannot simply be thrown away, resold, or recycled.

Recycle electronics and don’t leave your company liable for a costly and time-consuming lawsuit.

All our recycling go through our sister company “Computer Circulation Center” recycling warehouse in Oceanside where you can drop off E-Waste or we can come pick it up from your office for a small fee.

Help keep our planet clean.