Intelligent Security Management

If you think your computer has a computer virus, spyware, trojan virus, or other malware contact us right away to schedule an appointment. We can be on site at your business or residence. Our services include diagnosing the suspected virus or spyware, removing all viruses from your system, and securing your system from future attacks by verifying the operation of your security and virus software.

The most common malware we see is the fake security software posing with a shield and looking official. The virus will pretend to scan your PC, find various problems, and ask for a credit card number so the problems can be removed. One your computer has reached this point your currently antivirus software has been disabled and the virus will continue to re-install after being removed if you don’t use the right tool.

Free initial assessment and we guarantee removal of the virus , spyware, or malware or the service call is free.