Laptop & Desktop Repair

Computer systems are made up of a multitude of different hardware components and an even more varied collection of software applications. With such a vast array of possible combinations it is no wonder that so many things can go wrong. Being able to identify these problems quickly and efficiently is the black art of computer troubleshooting!

Home users or business environments can encounter apparently unexplained computer failures at any time. These failures are not only frustrating for the user but can also become quite costly as, with any business, “time is money”?

Primo Techs endeavours to save you money and frustration by identifying and rectifying problems quickly. Why are we so good? Our technicians are all accredited in various fields of computing – but that’s not what makes them good at computer troubleshooting. Experience is the key. Over a period of time technicians learn to recognise various symptoms and have learnt, usually the hard way, how to resolve them. You benefit from our experience (and previous frustrations!).

So, which problem are you experiencing? Is your computer randomly crashing? Is your server slow for no reason? Are you facing the “blue screen of death”? You can’t connect to the Internet? Your PC won’t talk to your Mac? Are your business back-ups failing? Are you experiencing network drop-outs?

We also do repairs on laptops, like reolacing a bad LCD, or taking it appart to solder a new DC Jack or USB port. Laptops are slim in size and the small fans built in usually get full of dust and wear out, thats when your laptop becomes unreliable. We can fix all these problems.

We’ve seen it all and can provide you with the computer troubleshooting you need.